44-47: Practice in the bar in South Africa

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These chapters describe the events that happened when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi practiced at the bar in South Africa. He writes that he never resorted to untruth in his profession although the profession is known to be one of liars. He writes that he built his reputation that no client came to him with false cases as he used to warn his clients that he would not take any false cases or coach witnesses.

He gives examples of two of the cases where he asked his clients to confess which turn out to be beneficial for them.

Though the whole autobiography shows how Gandhi practiced truth in daily life, this episode shows us that even in a profession where lying is so rampant, one can follow the path of truth and attain success.


  • Advocate in Natal, Attorney in Transvaal — direct contact with Indians and whites as attorney
  • Took money only enough to cover all expenses
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