prashant sengar

Hi! I am Prashant Sengar

I like to write code, read books, and share my thoughts.
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I Studied

Computer Science and Engineer (Bachelor of Technology degree) at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Una, Himachal Pradesh. I love rain and winters, so it was fun there.

I have worked as

Gulpie logo

Software Engineer Intern at Gulpie

Co-founder at IndiaShare

Freelancer on FiverrUpworkPeoplePerHour

I also love to participate in Hackathons and have participated in Smart India Hackathon 2020 (Won), ASEAN India Hackathon 2021 (Finalist), HackJaipur 2020 (Matic Prize Winner).

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I love to build products that help people solve a problem.

My projects are being used by 50,000+ people all over the world!

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I want to grow and keep improving myself

I experiment, and write about the things that work for me to document them for my future self and for anyone who is in a similar position as past me. Read more about those experiments here.

I love to read and learn.

Although I am reading fewer books nowadays, I am reading more articles and blogs.

Talk to me about

Cricket, self-improvement, building a system, the new note taking tool in the market, and the forbidden topic. I love to change my views if I find something new.

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