Why Telegram is the Communication Tool for the Future

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After the latest Whatsapp privacy fiasco, people started flocking to Signal and Telegram both of which are claimed to be privacy focused. Made by the non-profit signal Foundation, the Signal app does not have a lot of unnecessary features. It focuses mainly on being a secure communication channel. On the other hand, Telegram boasts of multiple useful features which are completely different than what we have seen on other social media or chatting applications.

Here are a few features which are believe make Telegram the communication tool for the recent future –

Unlimited storage and generous file size limits

Cloud based Telegram on Prashant Sengar Blog
Telegram Cloud (Image Source)

Telegram gives its users free unlimited storage and maximum file size limit of 2 GB. With ever-increasing download speeds and 5G getting to multiple countries, it is not the bandwidth that is going to be limited but storage capacity. People will be using more of cloud storage to store their data. and with Telegram’s claim of encrypted data storage, people could easily store a lot of their digital goods on the app servers. Being a chat application it makes it even easier to share that data with your friends and family members.

Telegram Bots

Botfather Telegram - Prashant Sengar Blog
The Botfather (Image source)

The best part of Telegram is the bot ecosystem it has created. It has opened its user and bot API for everyone which makes it super easy to create a bot of any kind. There is the official GmailBot by Telegram which lets you read and send emails directly through the app. Third party bots include File Streaming Bot which lets you stream any file present on telegram servers without downloading it first. Then there are bots (URL Uploaders) which download files from a URL and then send them to you on the app.

There are thousands of bots available on the app which can automate all of your work so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to do anything. It also has features to collect payments using bots, supporting multiple payment providers.

One-to-Many Channels

Telegram Channels - on Prashant Sengar Blog
Telegram Channels (Image Source)

Channels are used to broadcast messages to a large number of people. There is no limit to how many people can subscribe to a telegram channel. Channels can be both public and private. This can be used by government agencies to broadcast information (which is already being done by some countries), by popular figures to communicate, and even by not so popular people like me.


These are the main features that make telegram the communication app for the future (if the focus on security remains the same). Other than these there are many more features in the app which you may have used. What are the features in Telegram that you love the most?

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