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I wanted to create an account on Instagram to get famous soon. But I didn’t want to do the difficult task of posting something everyday 5-6 times and interacting with people. So I decided to automate this task by getting memes from Reddit and posting them to Instagram. I gave it a try and it worked pretty well. I got a few hundred followers in a couple of months until I decided to stop doing this altogether (I got bored). I then decided to add the functionality to post to other social media websites as well. Thus, I added the support to post to Facebook and Twitter,

This project was also a feature at the Kharagpur Winter of Code 2019, and a lot of other people have also contributed to this. I also got a lot of messages on LinkedIn from people who thanked me for the project.



  • Automatically download content from Reddit
  • Post to all the social media accounts as you deem fit

How to use:

  • Clone the repo from Github
  • Rename config_sample.ini to config.ini, and enter the credentials in there
  • Set social media to True or False according to on what social media website do you want to post to.
  • Download the JSON file of the subreddit you want to post content of.
  • Edit or add the captions in
  • Run the script using python3

How does it work?

Reddit has a very simple API that returns JSON data on calling any subreddit URL. Now the script downloads the content from the JSON file according to what is described there in RedPy. After downloading the content, all you need to do is to post that to the social media websites. To do that, I am using the official APIs provided by the different social media websites (except Instagram). Instagram later blocked all the older API endpoints, so it is time to switch.


  1. Use RedPy to download media
  2. Use the Graph API for posting to Instagram
  3. Make it more user friendly so that a not-so tech-savvy person can use it easily
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