RedPy – Python wrapper to download Reddit Media

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This is a simple script, later turned to package, written by me a few years ago to download media files from Reddit. I wrote this while learning to automate processes using Python.


  • RedPy can be used to download both images and videos from Reddit
  • Allows you to specify the number of media files to download
  • You can sort the list by new, hot and top
  • Very customizable and easy to use

How to use

  • Install the package using either pip or by cloning the repo from Github.
  • Create an instance of the class Redpyafter importing the module.
  • Download the images or videos accordingly from the required subreddit and sort option.
  • The complete procedure is defined on the Readme of the repository.

How does it work?

Reddit has a very simple API that returns JSON data on calling any subreddit URL. This script is just a wrapper over this to get the media files from the returned JSON object. If you go to, you will see the JSON object of a list of top posts from the last 24 hours from the subreddit /r/pics. I just had to parse it and get the media objects.


  1. Other than downloading images, also return the download URLs of the media files
  2. Make it system path independent
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